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    jgabriel Apprentice

    validateEnabledThingworxUser depricated and alternative does not work same, what was changed?

    In custom Authentificator, I have this code and it works fine:

    Since validateEnabledThingworxUser is depricated in favor of validateThingworxUser, I changed the method.


    Now I am getting error:

    Authenticator threw an exception while invoking authenticate(...), authenticatorName=WebsealAuth, exception=tried to access method com.thingworx.security.authentication.AuthenticationUtilities.validateThingworxUser(Ljava/lang/String;)Lcom/thingworx/security/users/User; from class


    What has changed? Cannot find anything in JavaDoc, how is that even possible when using catch with custom Exception?


    Any help would be appriciated? Silvia Balta related to our case.