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    Strange Behavior of Sequence



    I got a real strange behavior of a sequence today. I used Display sequence step names from Creo Illustrate to show the sequence steps in a 3D label which works fine. I also use this workaround (Can't use more than one sequence animation in a single experience in ThingWorx studio.) to choose the sequence to play. In my other projects both solutions worked fine.
    So now the problem:
    I have two sequences in my model, the first one has 5 steps, the second one has 13 steps. In Creo Illustrate both sequences work fine. When I PlayAll steps of the sequences in the preview, it shows in the label as step names:
    for the first sequence: "(1/5)[...]", "(2/6)[...]", "(3/6)[...]", "(4/6)[...]", "(5/6)[...]" (in Creo Illustrate it shows only 5 steps overall)
    for the second sequence: "(1/13)[...]", "(2/14)[...]" and so on until "(13/14)[...]" (in Creo Illustrate it shows only 13 steps overall)

    Why does it increase the number of steps during runtime? How can I fix this?

    (I use Creo Illustrate version 3.1 and ThingWorx Studio version


    Edit: When loading the experience in ThingWorx View, the problem does not appear.

    Edit: When I press play again after the sequence has finished (played at least one time) the first step has also an increased overall step count.