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    Random Subset of External Data is Shown



    when showing my experience in the preview, every external data which is binded is shown correctly. When loading the experience on ThingWorx View on my smartphone, there is always only a random subset shown. When I exit the experience and scan the marker again the data which is shown changes (e.g. first temperature was shown and connection wasn't, after reload temperatur isn't shown anymore but connection value is shown). There are some subsets which occur more frequently than others, but all in all I have seen every live data that should be shown once, so in theory everything is working and the bindings are correct.


    Why does this occur and how can I fix this? Of course I always want every binded data value to be shown.


    Thank you for your answers.


    Edit: I use Android 6.0.1 with ThingWorx View It worked fine on the iPhone of my colleague with ThingWorx View 8.0.0.