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    jshah-2 Explorer

    alert vs event?

    I recently started with alert and event part of thingwork

    I have few doubts?


    1)what is the difference between alert an event ?


    2)alert and event have a subscription associated with them

    the alert subscription is called each time alert condition is met

    but for event subscription you need to call the event in the service

    so can I make the event also run each time a particular condition meets?



    3)I used AddEventDefination() method but it does not show the Event in my Thing event tab then I  tested GetEventDefinations() method , the output showed the event I had created

    but as soon as I save the thing and then again run GetEventDefinations() the event that I had created does not exists

    don't know why?

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        pchung Collaborator

        Alerts and Data Events are almost the same.

        However something that you are experiencing.

        With Alerts you can set up persisting ones, that isn't possible I believe for events/subscriptions in runtime.


        Alerts basically was born from data change to give an easier way for users to create condition based event triggers.

        of course it also ties into an alert log and history