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    bmessenger Newbie

    Cannot get Thingworx perspective in Eclipse

    I am following this guide https://developer.thingworx.com/resources/guides/eclipse-plugin-thingworx-extension-development-tutorial/chapter-2-download-plugin-and-extension-sdk and have installed the plugin but I do not get any THigworx perspective  to choose or any Thingworx menu under new project. I have downloaded the latest guide, extension plugin and SDK (all 7.3) as well as the latest Mars 4.5, so I am using all the recommended software.

    Any suggestions as to what is wrong?





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        Ankit Gupta Ninja

        Hi Ben Messenger,


        Did the installation completed successfully without any errors?

        Also, navigate to eclipse -> window -> Perspective -> Open Perspective -> Other. Does the list shows ThingWorx Extension Perspective? If no, plugin was not installed successfully. Try reinstalling it.

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            bmessenger Newbie

            HI Ankit Gupta,

            The installation did complete correctly, because you cannot install the extension plugin again. It says all components are installed.


            So what I have done is remove jdk1.8 and installed that on a separate machine (plus Eclipse and many other plugins). We use Windchill also and Windchill has issues running under jdk1.8 (or Java 8). So I have a lot of difficulty running Windchill with Java 8. (Well actually I have to downgrade back to Java 7 which is a lengthy process)


            So I have to have one development machine for PTC WIndchill and another one for PTC Thingworx, which is not ideal because it makes integration between 2 PTC products very onerous. But this is only way I can get it to work.


            Essentially, you require a full version of Java 8 and that is what was stopping it.I had in my standard Eclipse workspace, everything pointing to jre7 so that the Windchill will work and that is why it was ignoring the jdk1.8 I had installed.