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    rpastor Newbie

    Different list of entities in Thingworx Studio and Thingworx Composer

    I am going through the raspberry pi tutorial (Thingworx Studio Tutorials and FAQs/Advanced/Raspberry Pi Tutorial).

    I have created a new thing in composer and assigned properties to it.

    But when I try to connect a 3D label in thingworx studio I cant see my things in the External data searched entities.

    In fact, the list of entities is completely different from what I can see in the thingworx composer. For example there is the car1 thing from the previous tutorial which I do not see in the composer.

    From the tutorials I've seen here I would think that the composer and the studio are automatically connected, but that is not my case.

    How do I configure thingworx studio to access entities from the composer?