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    How can I see Kepware values in a chart?

    Hi there,


    I am quite new in Thingworx world. I have kepware and thingworx connected and I can see values changing in a mashup. My next step is displaying data in a chart in real time, I mean I want to see curves changing. I have been searching in the community for examples but I am very confused about how to do that. I have found two different ways (I don't know if there are more):


    • Using a template create from a thing and calling to "GetimplementedthingswithData" service, this doesn't work for me:
      • I created my Industrial Connection (KEPServerEX) and industrial thing (KEPThing) in New Composer, as explained in the Help Center. Now I have created a template from the KEPThing, but this template is not connected so I cannot get data from Kepware despite it has inherited the KEPThing properties. In the mashup, I can call the "GetimplementedthingswithData" service and bind the data to the time series chart but, as the template is disconnected, there is no values displayed.

    • Create an Info Table from a datashape. As far as I have understood, you create a table and full it with data, then you bind this data to the chart. I have seen an example that explains how to create an Infotable, but in this example the data is entered manually and I want to get the data from Kepware. I have seen this video Advanced Chart Widgets Tutorial - YouTube which is what I want to do, but it doesn't explain how to create that dataShape.


    I am using the famous Simulation Examples of Kepware.


    If helps, this is the event log window:

    I you could provide me with some guidance, it would be very much appreciate.


    Many thanks in advanced.