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    How to display a "data loading / progress" modal popup on a mashup for long running services ?

    Hello everyone,


    I am trying to display a modal popup through a Navigate widget that displays a static mashup with a simple loading GIF. It, the static mashup, is configured with a mashup parameter and this parameter is the one that I use to trigger the CloseIfPopup event with the personnal ParamChanged event. But whenever the popup opens, it closes instantly and after that the popup does not want to display anymore. And I want to open it a multiple time in the mashup.

    I spoke about this to the PTC's support and they said that it is an internal issue and it is reported to the development team. And they have redicted me to consult the community.

    In my example I cannot use the Data Loading attribute of a widget ! All I want is to prevent the user from clicking on another part of the mashup because the service called can be very long depending on the query you want to execute !

    So I come here to know if somebody have an alternative to this solution ?




    Antoine LA TORRE