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    rconnole Newbie

    When installing Apache Tomcat   for version 8 it will nott start

    Working with the tech, we installed and configured Java and Tomcat per the Installing Thingworx 8 guide. When trying to start tomcat in the Tomcat Web Application Manager it states

    FAIL- Application at context path [/Thingworx] could not be started.  All the settings were verified in the server.xm file on page 8. the application will not start and generates a log file of java and apache errors.  Has any one been able to get Apache to start running version 8?  Any and all help appreciated

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        cmorfin Communicator

        Hi Ray


        Can you check under /ThingworxStorage/logs if you have got an applicationLog.log file created ?

        If yes could you upload it here together with all the Tomcat log files ?

        One thing that is often forgotten (as it is kind of new), is to install the license.bin file under /ThignworxPlatform (see New Technical Changes in ThingWorx 8.0.0) - so you may also want to confirm you have it there.




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          dupatel Creator

          Ray Connole : Please review tomcat logs and check for errors.


          On one of the similar issue with ThingWorx 8 & H2 instance was getting crashed out when tomcat services was ran. The message in Tomcat Web Application Manager keep saying FAIL- Application at context path [/Thingworx] could not be started.


          Below was the error appeared in Tomcat logs:

          2017-03-31 16:29:19.591+0300 [L: ERROR] [O: ] [I: ] [U: SuperUser] [S: ] [T: localhost-startStop-1] C:\WINDOWS\Sun\Java\bin is listed as a java.library.path but it does not exist. Flex licensing file found: C:\ptc\Thingworx\webapps\Thingworx\WEB-INF\extensions\FlxCore64.dll. Flex licensing file found: C:\ptc\Thingworx\webapps\Thingworx\WEB-INF\extensions\libFlxCore.2016.08.dylib. Flex licensing file found: C:\ptc\Thingworx\webapps\Thingworx\WEB-INF\extensions\libFlxCore.so.2016.08. Flex licensing file found: C:\ptc\Thingworx\webapps\Thingworx\WEB-INF\extensions\libFlxCore64.so.2016.08.


          To fix the issue we need to update environment variable path specify your full path to the extensions folder of the tomcat, for example: C:\Tomcat\webapps\Thingworx\WEB-INF\extensions


          Note: The license path can be specified either per the installation guide in the tomcat java path or set up in the environment variable path.


          This might be an issue but you will get further clues from reviewing tomcat and thingworx application logs.