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    Play more than one sequence on one model based on some conditions in ThingWorx Studio.

    I have different pvi files created which I have extracted from different pvz files. I have one button whose text value keeps on updating. Now I want make an experience, depending on the value of the button text, n clicking the button different sequence should be played.


    Currently I amusing the following code. But it's not working...


    $scope.buttonPlay = function() {

      if($scope.app.mdl['Car1'].properties['Part']=="Part1") {

      setWidgetProp( 'model-1', 'sequence', 'Part1.pvi'); 


    if($scope.app.mdl['Car1'].properties['Part']=="Part") {

      setWidgetProp( 'model-1', 'sequence', 'Part.pvi'); 




    Please suggest some way to achieve the task.


    Thank you...