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    Proper application id for TWX Analytics Training Course - neuronuser or analytics works?

    Trying to determine the proper user id for the Analytics Server for the Analytics Training course.  Using 7.4 Foundation and Analytics Server on the Developer Zone.  Tried neuronuser and analytics which both will work for the validation but when you go to the data section you get the following error and you can't successfully load the dataset.  Error invoking service: Wrapped org.apache.http.HttpException: { "naked-array": {"errorId":"fbc26c6f-605c-4fa3-a19d-91c179f8cf08","errorMessage":"No application found for id analytics"} } Cause: { "naked-array": {"errorId":"fbc26c6f-605c-4fa3-a19d-91c179f8cf08","errorMessage":"No application found for id analytics"} }