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    wlove Explorer

    Modal Navigation Titlebar Bug

    Create a mashup (mashup A) that has a navigation button on it.  The navigation button navigates to another mashup (mashup B) with a title bar and close button.  Mashup B has a navigation button to mashup C, this button is set to display no title bar or close button.  Mashup C has a button that triggers the close if modal event.


    Display A and navigate to B.  Everything works as expected ie mashup B is displayed with titlebar and close button.

    Navigate from B to C.  Again all ok.  C is displayed with no title bar.

    Press the button on C to active the close if modal event.  C disappears and B is returned to focus.


    At this point the title bar and close button of B disappear but the contents of B remain visible.  The titlebar and close button should remain visible after mashup C is closed.