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    pmillar Newbie

    mashup can't add widget

    Hi everyone.  New to Thingworx.  I am creating a mashup.  Added a panel, added an image in the panel.  Then added an LED display and bound my device value.  Click save, viewed, all looks good.  I now want to add a Label.  I drag drop the label but it disappears.  So I try any widget.  No widgets will stick to my mashup.  Just the original two  image panel and led display.


    Ummm have I clicked something I shouldn't have?

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        pmillar Newbie

        Running Thingworx 7.4 with PostgresSQL

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            anna Communicator

            Hi Peter,

            Could you check if you have added your widget in the panel or not?

            Nevigate to workspace in your mashup and find the panel you have added and focus/click it:

            See if your widget(Label) is added or not. If not added, please verify that:

            1. you are adding widget in the panel not other place on your mashup(try to add widget in )

            2.Verfify that your session is not time out; if so relogin again and try to add Label widget again.

            3. You could also add Label or other widget in other place other than the same panel, but prerequisite is that you added another panel(or if you directly add a Label widget in other place than the same panel, it will inform you that a new panel will be added in order to place the Label widget).


            Hope it helps,