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    Issue Regarding System User

    Hi ,

    I have an issue regarding System Users,here is the scenario:

    1) I created a data table named 'A'.

    2) I created a thing template 'SystemUserTemplate' with generic template.

    3) I created a thing 'SystemUserThing' which inherits 'SystemUserTemplate' and created a service named 'wrapperService ' which internally calls getDataTableCount() on Table 'A' and returns it's output as a result.

    4) I have created a user 'SystemUserTester' which belongs to 'Everyone' organisation so it has visibility to all the entities I've created in earlier steps.

    5) I have provided the template with run time instance permissions for service execute,property read,property write for the user 'SystemUserTester', and overroded the service execute permission for the service 'wrapperService' for 'System' user.

    Note(I haven't provided runtime permissions for the data table 'A' for 'SystemUserTester' intentionally to test TW super user )

    6) I created a mashup with a button which executes  'wrapperService' from the thing 'SystemUserThing' and mapped it's output to a label. However when i logged in using the user 'SystemUserTester' i got error message as

    : ERROR - Error in invoking service Things_SystemUserThing, wrapperService, Things, SystemUserThing, Services, wrapperService. Error from the server: "Wrapped com.thingworx.common.exceptions.InvalidRequestException: Not authorized for ServiceInvoke on GetDataTableEntryCount in A Cause: Not authorized for ServiceInvoke on GetDataTableEntryCount in A"