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    TW Connectable Thingshape



    I'm using a Thingworx base shape called 'Connectable' which is part of my remote thing. This thingshape has an 'isConnected' boolean property. I often see that this property will become false for a brief period, say less than a minute, although I know that my remote thing has been running constantly.


    Does anyone know/understand the mechanism whereby this property is updated? Is it the Edge Server poking the platform server or is the platform server periodically polling the remote thing for connectivity.


    I subscribe to a number of property data changes on my remote thing and very often I will see these properties change while the 'isConnected' property is false. Not sure how this can happen and unfortunately a lot of my services rely on being able to trust that isConnected property. Is there somewhere I can read up on the 'AlwaysOn' protocol?