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    ThingWorx View for HoloLens crashes during loading my experience

    Hello everyone,


    since the last update of ThingWorx View for HoloLens it crashes when loading my experience, which worked fine with the last version (before the update).
    During loading of the experience, the DateTime filters I created for live data are shown with "undefined.undefined.undefined undefined:undefined Uhr" on the 3DText element. The filter is:
    "return $filter('date')(value, 'dd') + "." + $filter('date')(value, 'MM') + "." + $filter('date')(value, 'yyyy') + " " + $filter('date')(value, 'HH') + ":" + $filter('date')(value, 'mm') + " Uhr";"
    This is new with the updated version. In the last version there was nothing shown until all needed data were loaded (which looks better in my opinion). When deleting some of these filters (I have all in all three DateTime in 3DText which are shown) the experience doesn't crash anymore.


    How can I fix this? Thanks for your answers!




    Edit: When I change two of the three DateTime filters in the way, that only the date but not the time is shown, the application doesn't crash anymore. Could this be a memory error?