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    scha-2 Apprentice

    Hi i got some Err after installed Thingworx version 8.0.1

    Hi i installed Thingworx 8 and got HTTP Status 400..

    it was click in tomcat manager app

    and appear this page


    but when i tried to connected IPv4Adress/Thingworx[ex xxx.xxx.xx.xx/Thingworx and xxx.xxx.xx.xx was my Ipv4address]


    it was worked

    and look for extension monitor but anything doesn't exist

    [twillio was import extension after installed TWX]

    so i checked the other TWX that was installed version 7.3 which other computer

    there are some Extension Vendor PTC..



    and i want move data cause Thingworx Upgrade

    so i export ThingworxStorage but when i import this apeer

    i think that problem cause my local TWX didn't has TWX Extension package vendor PTC


    so i want solve this question

    one is connected By localhost/Thingworx [don't typing xxx.xxx.xx.xx/Thingworx]

    two was how can get extension package by Vendor's PTC

    another was move data to TWX 8 from TWX 7.3


    thnks plz help me