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    Thingworx .net sdk in unity



    I am trying to develop an application in unity that should be build to windows 10 uwp.

    This application is using the thingowrx .net sdk to communicate with an server.

    This is already working fine as long as it run's in unity editor, but the problems start when I try to build an windows 10 uwp application. This is not working.


    Does anybody have experience how to set up the .net sdk in unity for build on windows 10?

    Which settings have to be done so that it works?

    Or maybe I only imported the sdk to the wrong location?

    Actually it is placed under "UnityPackages", but I also tried the "Plugins" folder. Both versions are working in the editor but I am not able to build.


    Thank you for your answer

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        sschröder Newbie

        I think I figured out how to set up the SDK in Unity, but now I have another error occurring:


        "Xaml Internal Error error WMC9999: Cannot find type System.Diagnostics.TraceListener in module System.dll."


        I was able to build in Unity, but know I need to build the UWP application in Visual Studio, where this error occurs.

        As far as I know "System.Diagnostics.TraceListener" is not available in on UWP.

        Does somebody have experience, using an alternative for this or how to solve this problem?


        If someone is facing the same problem, my actually configuration looks like this:



        I used this (https://github.com/SaladLab/Json.Net.Unity3D/releases) workaround to solve a problem related to the standard JSON.dll.


        I hope this time someone is answering with a good idea :)

        Thank you already