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    How to bind "result" output to a widget

    Hi there,


    I am trying to connect Argos Cloud (Netbiter extension) to Thingworx cloud. The idea is to connect both clouds, get the data out from Argos cloud and publish that data in a mashup in Thingworx.


    So far, I have been only able to execute the services associated with the extension by clicking on "Test" and it works, but only in the New composer. If I try this in the normal composer I don't get anything.


    My first question is:

    • Why is not working in the normal composer? What do I need to do to get it working?


    I have built a mashup and call "Getallsystems" service. I want to get the system name displayed in a label for example. When I try to bind the output "result" to any widget, I get the message "Non compatible binding targets available". When I execute the service in the New composer, I see that "result" is not a word, is JSON code, so I don't know if I have to program any script to parse the code...


    Could anyone help me with that? I don't know very much about JSON, Java...


    Many thanks in advance.


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        supandey Collaborator

        Hi Irene, issue seems to highlight that the result your service is returning is not what is expected by the widget, label widget in your case. Have you tried creating or using an existing service which is returning String as the result?

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            iherreros Explorer

            Hi Sushant,


            Yes, I have tried all services that come with the extension and all of them return a Java code instead of a table or a single number, string...

            I guess I can create a service but I think this is not an easy job (at least for me) and, besides, even if I was able to do that I would have to create all services and this is what this extension is meant to do .

            So either it is not working properly or I need to do something else to get the data out and bind it to a widget.