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    How to copy the values of one infotable with row count of 33 into an infotable with row count 35

    Hi all,


                   I have an infotable1 (list) in which there is a field called hours(rowcount is 33)

    I have another infotable2 (Monthavg) of the same datashape as linfotable1 but the rowcount is 35

    var rem = me.Monthavg();

    for(j=0;j<count;j++)  //Here count is row count of Infotable 2 (that is 35)


        var rec ={ };


       if(rem.rows[j]!= undefined)


        rec.days = rem.rows[j].days ;



        if(rem.rows[j]== undefined)


        rec.days = 0;







    For this code snippet I'm getting this error


    where 33 is the row count of  infotable 2 (rem in the above code)

    How do I copy values? What is the alternative here?