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    azaharia Newbie

    AR Tracker Coordinates



    I have set up an AR tracker project for one of the Thingmarks and I've been trying to extract the coordinates of the tracker.


    To this purpose I have set up 3 application parameters (xCoord, yCoord, zCoord) and bound them to the X, Y, Z coordinates of the model that shows up when the Thingmark is found. From my understanding the placement of the Thingmark is at the (0,0,0) position. However, without initialising the application parameters to something in the 'Home.js' file, the values show up as Not a Number ('NaN'). Additionally, the values do not update live during tracking.


    I understand that this happens because within the editor the model has a fixed position, it is only in the AR environment when I move the Thingmark that it changes. And since the model is following the Thingmark if also resets to (0,0,0. Does anyone have any idea if what I am trying to do is possible?


    Thanks in advance!