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    In windchill, thingworx Integration what is UFID..??



    while seeing the integration services and info*engine tasks related to integration of thingworx and windchill I came across this term. Could anyone please explain.?


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        smainente Apprentice

        Hi Madhu - In an Info*Engine context UFID stands for Unique Federation Identifier and and consists of three parts :


           <Local ID>:<Global Universal ID>@<Repository Name>


        For example : OR:wt.part.WTPart:1547:518975639-1051290416828-696264-103-4-132-10@SERVER.ptc.com


        Where :

        1. <Local ID> : The Local ID identifies the object within the local Windchill system.

        2. <Global Universal ID> : The Global Universal ID uniquely identifies the server.

        3. <SERVER.ptc.com> : The Repository Name is used to identify the system for Federation


        If you are dealing with objects coming from a single Windchill system, you can just use the <Local ID> : OR:wt.part.WTPart:1547 uniquely identify a Part within a Windchill system.