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    tzawol Newbie

    How do I obtain the URL for the arbortext PE server?

    My apologies for this being a silly question, but I'm having some issues setting up my Arbortext editor print settings... How do I obtain a URL?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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        sstankay Apprentice

        Hi Teresa,


        Since your post is regarding Abortext, it would be best served asking this question in the PTC Community.  In the PTC Community Abortext is listed under Servigistics, and is best accessed via the menu at the top: Browse > Servigistics > Abortext Questions.  However here is the direct link to the Abortext Questions page:


        Arbortext Questions - PTC User Community


        I would love to simply move the post for you, but I'm not able to as this PTC Sigma Tile group in the ThingWorx Community is on a different platform than the PTC Community.  So you will have to re-post this question using the link above.


        If you run into issues with the PTC Community or have additional questions let me know.