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    smohan Newbie

    EMS LSR GetPropertySubscriptions 500 error



    I am new in thingworx. I am trying to connect a Raspberry Pi to ThingWorx using the Edge Micro Server. After following all the steps in the "Raspberry Pi Quickstart" guide during Run LSR step I got following error


    [DEBUG] 12/Jul/2017:09:59:14 [+0000] HTTP Server: - SeqId 76 - "POST /Thingworx/Things/*PiThing/Services/GetPropertySubscriptions HTTP/1.1" 500 0 "-".


    For your reference, I had attached my config.lua, config.json, PiTemplate.lua and the logs.


    Please help me if anyone solves this issue before. Thank you in advance.

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        supandey Ninja

        Hi Sankaralingam, just to confirm do you not see any Unbound thing on the platform i.e. in the ThingWorx Composer > Monitoring > Status > Remote Things > Unbound


        Since you seem to be creating PiThing as a Gateway with Autobound so i think it should be visible in the unbound if you haven't created corresponding thing in ThingWorx. Your connection seems to be happening correctly i can't see any connectivity errors in the log.