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    Handshake failed.  Status: -260



    We managed to install a Thingworx server 8.0 but we are unable to communicate with it. This is the error:


    [DEBUG] 2017-07-12 16:20:12,772 TlsStream:: doopen: Setting SO_RCVTIMEO

    [ERROR] 2017-07-12 16:20:12,776 TlsStream::doopen: Handshake failed.  Status: -260. Cleaning up stale SSL session.

    [ERROR] 2017-07-12 16:20:12,777 WsStream::connect: Exception while dispatching request to thingworx.local.libelium.com. Error: SSL Handshake Failed [thingworx.local.libelium.com:443]

    [DEBUG] 2017-07-12 16:20:12,777 WsStream::execute: Attempting to connect to thingworx.local.libelium.com:443.

    [WARN ] 2017-07-12 16:20:12,777 WsStream::execute: Connection failed.  Attempting again in 10 seconds


    Any help will be appreciated.

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        carko Creator



        My understanding is that the REST API defaults to listening on localhost:8000, but that it defaults to HTTP not HTTPS.  You can enable HTTPS in config.json.  Look at the "http_server" section.



        -- Craig A.

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          slibelium Newbie

          We believe that the problem is in the configuration of the Thingworx Server.


          This is the log of the web server:


          [Wed Jul 12 16:20:32.728432 2017] [ssl:debug] [pid 10980:tid 139647757801216] ssl_engine_kernel.c(570): [client] AH02255: Changed client verification type will force renegotiation

          [Wed Jul 12 16:20:32.728445 2017] [ssl:info] [pid 10980:tid 139647757801216] [client] AH02221: Requesting connection re-negotiation

          [Wed Jul 12 16:20:32.728462 2017] [ssl:debug] [pid 10980:tid 139647757801216] ssl_engine_kernel.c(770): [client] AH02260: Performing full renegotiation: complete handshake protocol (cli

          ent does not support secure renegotiation)

          [Wed Jul 12 16:20:32.728530 2017] [ssl:error] [pid 10980:tid 139647757801216] [client] AH02225: Re-negotiation request failed

          [Wed Jul 12 16:20:32.728608 2017] [ssl:error] [pid 10980:tid 139647757801216] SSL Library Error: error:14080152:SSL routines:SSL3_ACCEPT:unsafe legacy renegotiation disabled


          And this a screenshot of the TCP trace: