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    How to use Streams

    Hey guys,


    I am trying to understand how the stream work and I cant really understand where they get their data and how to configure them. I watched those 2 Videos (ThingWorx Tutorials: Introduction to Streams, Thingworx ValueStreams - Modeling - YouTube) but couldn't find any further Tutorials. Are there any other Tutorials?


    Here my Use Case, why I want to use a Stream:


    I have a Website where you can browse through some parts, and I want to send Information about a chosen part in a JSON with a http request to Thingworx and then do something with the Information (show them in a mashup, parse them and send them to another server, etc.) .

    I thought that Streams would fit for such a Use Case or is there a better way?


    I am thankful for any advice

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        supandey Collaborator

        Hi Mathias, Streams/Value Stream would make more sense if you have use case requiring continuous data logging together with timestamps. Something like an EDGE device/sensor e.g. Humidity / Temperature sensor where you'd want to see the precise timestamp of each recorded data. I'm not aware of full use case of yours but if this is not the case may be you can consider logging information in a simple DataTable entity