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    Need help for developing a simple ChinaMap Widget with Raphael.js,jquery.min.js and codepress.js.



    Now in my project,the customer  need to use map widget improving the webpage effect.

    But limited by local network,I can't use the google map widget or baidu map widget .

    So I decide to develop a simple china map, to meet some part of customer demands.


    The simple ChinaMap  widget I needed include some functions as follows:


    1. When hover the mouse on the province of chinaMap ,the piece of the province change color;


    2.When click the province, the page navigate to another mashup page.


    Based on the  functions I needed to develop,I find some materials on the open source network,which use Raphael.js,jquery.min.js and codepress.js to develop a chinaMap ,and display the map on the html page.


    I need to change the material to the ChinaMap Widget, but I don't  know how to handle it.


    I have seen the <<Creating UI Widgets for Thingworx >> and <<Thingworx Extension develop guide >>,but the example is so simple as to lack of instruction.


    Anyone have the idea?