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    Calculate and Display Count of Rows in Infotable in Mashup

    Hi all,


    I have a service that returns a dynamic infotable from query results. I would like to display the infotable data and the number of result rows on top of the data grid so my customers can quickly see how many query results were returned.

    • The query in the service that produces the infotable is a long query, I need to do a result.getRowCount without having to invoke the service that runs the query twice.
    • The infotable result from the service is not hooked up to a datashape because the number of columns can be dynamic.

    I can display the infotable in a data grid in my mash up but how do I count and display the number of rows from the infotable result?

    Is there a way to use an expression in the mashup to count and display the number of rows?


    thanks all

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        carlesc Heavyweight Champ

        Hi Lawrence,


        Not out of the box. Some solutions:

        • Build kind of a Expression widget as Extensions which accepts Infotable as Input and returns row count --> That will be client side and super fast, the caveats it's that you need experience on UI Widget development, which isn't that hard anyway.
        • Build a service server side which accepts Infotable as input and returns Row Count, then you just need to bind on Mashup the result of the query to this service --> This has some caveats: If the Infotable it's big, it will be sent back to the server to just do the Rowcount, but on Server Side will be fast to execute.