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    Could not access Thingworx 8 installed on cloud server

    Hi everyone,


    I recently installed thingworx 8 on a cloud server following thingworx 8 installation guide.But when I am trying to access the application from another machine with https://<server-name>/Thingworx I am getting error like "No internet Connection".If I try opening composer like https://<server-name>:8080/Thingworx/Composer/index.html I get "Server DNS could not be found" error.On the server itself I am getting similar error.Internet connection is there on both machines.Is there any additional settings required for accessing application on cloud server?

    I cross checked whether tomcat service is running or not,but its always running.Neither there are any logs in tomcat directory.Can anybody help me with this ?

    I have attached screenshots for error.

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        supandey Ninja

        Hi Kirti, first thing since you said that the ThingWorx Composer is not reachable on the server itself then you may have to check the setup of the server, port on Tomcat is listening and also the network setup for the cloud. Have you checked the tomcat's catalina.log and the application log from the ThingWorx for more detail on the error.


        Once it's working on the server you'll need to ensure that the Cloud server instance is addressable from your organization's network or over the internet (depends on your requirement)

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            kchouhan Newbie

            Hi Sushant, Thanks for your reply!


            Can you tell me something about checking network setup that you are talking about.I have no idea about the internet settings of the server machine.I checked for the tomcat's catalina.log, this file is not updated since installation.There are no logs except start up and shut down of tomcat server.There are no errors in application log .