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    rmaddinapudi Newbie

    Unable to start Creo illustrate 3.1 which is part of ThingworX studio trail

    Dear Team,


    I am newbie to ThingWorX and Creo illustrate. From PTC I got the ThingWorX experience services with 3 thingMarks to create my Augmented reality applications.

    Currently I am able to Create, preview, Publish the content on to experience server.


      Now I would like to create animation sequences in Creo illustrate and import in ThingWorX. So as per the GettingStarted_trail.pdf I tried to access the license for creo.

    But I couldn't get activated.


      I need you support on How to activate Creo illustrate license on my system so that I can work on Creo for animations.


    Also check the attached file where I got stuck.


    Please suggest me on how to resolve this issue.

    Advance Thanks!!!