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    Dashboard Showtabs Set to False Yet Loading all Tab Data

    Hello All,


    I have multiple main dashboards for each customer user and set the showTabs property of main dashboard to False, so that each customer can only view his/her dashboard.

    It is working as expected but if the no. of customers increases in the near future no. of dashboards will multiply.Although, the main dashboard will show only the pertinent dashboards to the user but I suppose it will be loading all other dashboards too, but setting their visibility to False.


    Will it be an overhead loading all the dashboards everytime someone visits the main dashboard mashup ?

    Will there be an increase in the data transferred over network or latency time ?

    Will it impact the performance of Thingworx Server over time ?

    Below are the screenshots of my Dashboard Mashup properties.






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        carko Creator

        Hello, Tushar.


        I expect the answer is yes, overhead will increase and performance may be affected. How many additional customers are you anticipating? What I might suggest is creating a test system that mimics this, and then create several new test customer accounts. While this won't exactly simulate a Production system you should be able to get some measurements that will help predict the effects of the increased load. Alongside this it may become necessary to increase resources (RAM, etc) to the server system. This article: https://support.ptc.com/appserver/cs/view/solution.jsp?n=CS185207 is a starting place for troubleshooting performance issues in ThingWorx.


        I hope this at least gets you started.


        -- Craig A.