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    Connect Kepware with TW Studio trial


    I'm trying to connect Kepware with the Thingworx cloud instance that is part of the Studio trial. I've already created the key and thing in Thingworx and I've changed the settings in the Kepware project that I'm using, but I'm unable to connect. I'm getting error messages saying that the web socket connection cannot be established. I can see the thing linked to Kepware in the monitor application in Thingworx but it is red instead of the usual green.

    Do you know which additional settings/parameters I need to change (URL of the server at which Kepware is pointing) for this to work?

    Currently I'm traveling for a meeting and I'm unable to share some screenshots of the errors/configurations that I'm using, but as soon as I have access to my server I can post it back here.


    Thanks for your support.

    Best regards.