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    aallari Newbie

    Thing data is cleared when ThingTemplate is modified

    Initially I have created one Template and named it as let say "Sample Template", I have added some properties in it and make them as Persistent.

    Now I have created one thing under this template, named it as "Thing1". In this case there is no issue with data of those properties which are saved in this Thing1 in all cases(ThingTemplate edit, save etc.....)


    The Problem occurs in below case :

    I have Created on ThingShape and added it for above ThingTemplate("Sample Template"). And I have created one more thing let say "Thing2" under this template. Now if I edit the template or just save it , the data in old thing "Thing1" is getting lost and data in new thing "Thing2" which was created after adding of ThingShape is working fine.


    And this loss of data is observed not only with the adding of ThingShape to Template, adding of any Tags also.


    Below is error message observed in Application Logs:


    Failed to load properties for Thing (Thing1) from default property provider

    [message: [1,018] Data store unknown error: [Error occurred while accessing the property provider.]]


    Please let me know if I am missing anything to do after adding any shape or tag to Template.

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        polinao Ninja

        What version of Thingworx are you running? I just tested the above scenario in 7.4 and it works fine.

        I have a template NewTemplate with 3 persistent properties. Thing1 is created with that template. Properties set. Then I created a ThingShape and assigned it to the NewTemplate. I also created a Thing2 from the same template. I added a new property to the template/modified/saved it. Looked at the properties of Thing1 and they are still set to the same ones.