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    Question for stream service:QueryStreamEntriesWithData

    Hi all,

    I have a question for the service:QueryStreamEntriesWithData.

    I have created a stream which I have logged data into it.All Data has creation time,and some data has the same creation time,so I create a new timestamp for this stream.

    Then I create a mashup for display the data.I insert the service:QueryStreamEntriesWithData,Grid extension,Time Selector extensions.I want to use Time Selector extensions

    to filter data,however,it filters the data depend on the new timestamp,I want to filter the data by the creation time.The data filter extension can do it,but I want to use Time selector extension to

    do it,what should I do? 


    Data_record_actual_time is the creation time.

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        anna Communicator

        hao wu,

        You like to use your own field(Data_record_actual_time) and the Time Selector to do the filter of your Stream data, correct?

        If so, firstly you need to capsulate the build-in QueryStreamEntriesWithData in your new service, and add another parameter(say CreateTime),

        and bind it to the Grid widget in your mashup, and then you need to drag the Time Selector widget, and bind the StartDateTime or EndDateTime to CreateTime in your service, and do the Query.


        Hope it helps,