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    cchinh Newbie

    Periodically read data from FTP server and insert/update data into database

    Hello guys,


    I'm very new to Thingworx IOT platform. Presently, I'm encountering a problem which is how to read data from ftp periodically and update into H2 database.


    Btw, I know that Thingworx has an extension called FTPExtension used to connect to FTP server


    My questions:

    1. Is this possible that Thingworx can read FTP data every 5 minutes?

    2. After get files in FTP server, I want Thingworx delete or rename those files, so the next time Thingworx get only new files. Do I need to develop some kind of service?

    3. How can Thingworx parse ftp data(text files) and update to H2 database?


    Thanks in advanced