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    Selected Row(s) of Open Street Map widget not working

    I have an Open Street Map which i have bound to a table containing some alert information. The information includes a location - whenever an alert happens i add the information to the table and i can show the location using the map.


    Now i would like to click on the map icon and see some more information about that particular asset. I'm trying to send one of the information fields to another service, like so:



    The tag i am trying to is 'AssetName' as seen above. But this does not appear to be working properly. I am using the Selected Row(s) event to execute the service that i receiving this 'AssetName' tag. But this is not working - I have tried to view the 'AssetName' output in a textbox widget but when i select an icon on the map there is nothing being populated into the textbox.


    Any ideas on where i am going wrong?