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    Can't validate or publish - authentification fails



    I installed Thingworx version 8.0.1 ( trial a couple of weeks ago and have created and saved a test experience however I can't find a way to publish it.


    I'm an existing PTC user and have confirmed I'm using the correct username and password (I am successfully logged into my Thingworx Developer Portal account through the Thingworx webpage using the same login details) and I can successfully 'save' the experience to the web, however when I try to 'validate' the experience service or publish it and enter my login details in the "Authentification Required" dialog box it repeatedly fails authentification.


    The log error is:

    "error: [twx-studio:basic] Failed to authenticate experience server https://3e1hmks2.pp.vuforia.io [my PTC username] 401"


    All proxy details in settings are blank.


    Please help!