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    Thingworx platform configuration failed


    It failed on configuration. What could it be?

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        carko Creator

        Hello, Vinicius Xavier.


        I'll find a resource to help you with this.


        Steven Marchessault do you have any suggestions here?




        -- Craig A.

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          stmarchessault Creator

          Greetings Craig and Vinicius,


          Craig-- yes, our team can surely assist with getting this install working.


          Vinicius-- to troubleshoot the problem you are having, we will need to first confirm the following:


          What is the Windows operating system you are using for this installation?

          Are the .NET 3.5 and 4.5 Frameworks installed?

          Was ThingWorx previously installed on this PC?



          Best regards,


          Steven M

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            stmarchessault Creator

            Greetings Vinicius,


            Please confirm these were the steps followed to troubleshoot this problem:


            1. After the install failed on the PostgreSQL step, we opened the 'Factory-Installer.log' located here: <Install directory>\ThingWorxManufacturingApps


            We could see an instance of this error message: "Failed to load SQL modules into the database cluster"


            Following Polina's recommendation in this thread, we allowed additional user-level permissions for the install directory (in the Windows directory Properties, within the Security tab).



            2. The "ThingWorx Platform Configuration Failed" error was alleviated by following recommendation number 3 from this post:


            "If the installer has stopped at approximately 90% complete, and 5 minutes have elapsed, start the ThingWorx Servlet Engine Service manually from this directory in the Windows Explorer:

            <Install path>\ThingWorxManufacturingApps\PTC_Servlet_Engine\bin\thingworxServerw.exe"



            Best regards,


            Steven M