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    Problems with ThingMark depth in HoloLens experiences

    Hi All,


    I'm getting some weird problems with experiences created for the HoloLens.  When I launch the ThingWorx View app from HoloLens, I scan the ThingMark and the experience loads, but the problem is that View has decided that the ThingMark that I scanned is behind/below where the ThingMark is actually placed in the real world.  So for example, I put the ThingMark on the floor and scan it, but when I see the tracking indicator for the ThingMark (the green hexagon) it's below the level of the floor rather that running around the printed marker. So when the 3D geometry loads, it's also down inside the floor and I'm looking at it from above.


    Anyone else having this problem?





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        rabernathy Explorer

        What size did you set the ThingMark width to in Studio?  How wide is the ThingMark you printed?  Those must be exactly the same size. The width of the printed ThingMark is measured horizontally from the outside of the left vertical black stripe to the outside of the right vertical black stripe. Take that measurement and convert to meters, this is the value you need to enter in the ThingMark width property (in studio, the ThingMark width property is in meters) .


        Also, wherever you placed the ThingMark in Studio, the printed ThingMark needs to be in the exact same location in the real world.  This can be difficult to do and takes some trial and error to get aligned correctly.  Once those two things are done, the hologram will be aligned correctly.