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    jgabriel Apprentice

    Import extension parser is too strict.

    When I was developing some Java extensons, I noticed error while importing extension with exported entities and I believe it is a bug.


    I have custom Java extension (ThingTemplate) with following configuration table:


    @ThingworxFieldDefinition(name = "OutputType", description = "Type of the output string.", baseType = "STRING", ordinal = 3, aspects = {

      "isRequired:true", "defaultValue:text", "selectOptions:text:Text|json:Json|xml:Xml", "friendlyName:OutputType" })

    Everything worked great, so I build custom logic in composer with one of the Things based on mentioned template. To make it reusable and easy to move it somewhere else, I exported my custom entities and created another extension dependant on first.

    All the custom entities were imported to that new extension, but when I try to import extension I get this validation error:

    Importing xml entities one by one manually works correctly, this probably should too?


    Also exported entity has history of edits, that something you dont/want for you extension, is it possible to add checkbox that removes it during export?


    I will send it in as ticket as soon as support portal is out of the maintenence window.


    Regards JG.