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    Import ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps as a ThingWorx Extension




    I tried "Import Thingworx manu. Apps as ThingWorx Extension" which is another installation method.

    After completing the import, running "Manage" opened [Installed Extension Packages].

    Configure Java for Tomcat was completed.

    To verify that I can access
    Https: // localhost: 8080 / Thingworx / FormLogin / Welcome.
    By accessing the above
      "The named organization Welcome does not exist" is displayed, Access could not be made.
    I confirmed "Organuzation" on the Thingworx composer, but "Welcome" does not exist.


    To find out why it is not possible to access, what should be examined?
    Also, where does "Welcome" exist?








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        hrajpal Apprentice

        Hello Takashi,


        The Welcome Organization is auto created once the extension "ThingworxManufacturingApps-8.0.0-00-extension" is imported successfully.



        I would recommend you to import the manufacturing apps extension again and check the installation results to see if you are getting some error .

        If the import is successful , you will be asked to refresh the composer . Once you click yes , you can check the organizations again.


        Best Regards,

        Himesh Rajpal