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    Best practice to change Thingworx server Ip Address

    Hi to everyone,

    which are the best practice to do before change Thingworx Server Ip Address?

    We have some remote device linked to Thingworx server to fill our H2 db ... Will There be some potential impact of a change of ip address within the platform?

    Thank's for the support!


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        polinao Ninja

        Prepare to set up the redirect from the old address to ensure your end-user accessibility/awareness; change configuration of your remote devices to access the new address. There is no particular documentation or best practices on this topic but I may look into adding an article to our knowledgebase.

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          eschmidt Newbie

          Hi Luigi,


          if you planned an IP-Change on your production enviroment you have to to do something like this:


          Thingworx foundation:

          - platform-settings.json

               -  change the ip for PersistenceProviderPackages like PostGreSQL or Mssql

               - there are no steps to do for implemented H2 database

          Using studio:

          - if you using a custom Experience service

               - change the ip under default settings in studio and the info Experience Service URL in each project

          Microservices like anomaly detection:

          - change the ip in microservices.properties when not using localhost in results.destination.uri


          The new environment must not lock any ports needed for thingworx, again.



          Best Regards,



          Erik Schmidt // inray Industriesoftware GmbH