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    How to clear/reset a ValueStream

    Hey everyone,


    I have a ValueStream which is connected to different things.


    Now I will reset the hole ValueStream-object. I know I have to execute the "PurgePropertyHistory"-service, but I don't know what I have to enter in the field "propertyName". Can someone help?

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        aanjan Heavyweight Champ

        David, each Value Stream is dependent on its Thing. So running a purge on a Thing, will only clear out that Thing.


        There are 3 different purges available on the Thing - PurgeAllPropertyHistory, PurgePropertyHistory and PurgeSelectedPropertyHistory.

        • PurgeAllPropertyHistory - purges all logged properties on the Thing
        • PurgePropertyHistory - purges a property that is logged (you need to give the name of the property that is logged)
        • PurgeSelectedPropertyHistory - purges a list of properties on the Thing (takes an Infotable input of the properties you want to purge)


        With that being said, you need to give a start and end date or it won't purge/ delete your data.