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    ThingWorx data connect installation on Ubuntu

    Hi ,


    I am trying to install data connector 8 on a Ubuntu server. Did this by converting dataconnect.rpm to .deb file . ran the deb file to install connector


    It runs with no errors, but the directories created are not as expected.

    /opt/dataconnect/queue is not created.

    Do not see anything inside logs directory as well



    Please let me know if there is document about installing Data connector 8 on Ubuntu.




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        cmorfin Communicator

        Hi Banupriya


        DataConnect has only been QA tested on CentOS and is therefore only supported on this platform.

        I would advise you use a CentOS OS for that, as it would be safer to get a functioning environment.

        The Dataconnect Guide does actually give all the steps to create a VM with CentOS and install DataConnect, so you could get this running  without too much effort.


        Hope this helps.

        Kind regards