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    Creating Things based on Infotable results

    Hi All


    I am new to TWX, I have created an integration connector to my API and am able to GET info on the Service no problem.

    What I am struggling to do is to create a service that will create the results of the GET (which is in an infotable via Route) and then have a scheduler to check the values every 30minutes.


    // result: INFOTABLE dataShape: "ApexReadings"

    var result =  Things["nooitconnector"].nooitreadings({

         Order: undefined /* STRING */,

         SiteId: undefined /* INTEGER */,

         PageSize: undefined /* INTEGER */,

         PageNumber: undefined /* INTEGER */,

         Search: undefined /* STRING */,

         Sort: undefined /* STRING */,

         From: undefined /* STRING */,

         To: undefined /* STRING */,

         MeterId: undefined /* INTEGER */




    Is this a difficult thing to do?


    Thanks in advance