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    How add javascript library to extensions in eclipse....

    I know, How add javascript library to extensions in eclipse..


    first, market place download


    'AngularJS_Extension-ext' in 'ptc-windchill-extension-1.7.0-03' in 'TW_Download_PTC Windchill Extension'


    'AngularJS_Extension-ext' extensions metadata.xml is




            <ExtensionPackage name="AngularJS_Extension"

                              description="AngularJS Libraries for Thingworx"



                              minimumThingWorxVersion="5.0.0" >


                    <FileResource type="WEBAPP" file="Runtime/lib/angularjs" description="Library folder for AngularJS" />






    so I add my Extension Project metadata.xml



    <FileResource type="WEBAPP" file="Runtime/lib/abc" description="Library folder for AngularJS" />



    and Add folder Extension Project / webapp / common / Runtime / lib / abc


    and copy Javascript files....


    and ant Extension Project...!!


    but Import Error

    Source '\ThingworxStorage\extensions\IntegrICT_Chart_Extensions\webapp\common\Runtime\lib\abc' does not exist...

    How fixed My Error??


    Please Help...