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    Thingworx custom Authenticator extension not working

    I am trying to customise the Thingworx authentication flow by developing Authenticator extension .


    I am trying to login into Thingworx by hitting url like <http://localhost:8080/Thingworx/Home?username="Administrator">   instead of login through Thingworx login page. But when i hit this url , i am getting error as "com.thingworx.common.exceptions.InvalidRequestException: Authentication failed: Please make sure the credentials are correct." in application logs.

    Below is my code of "authenticate" method of my Authenticator extension:



    public void authenticate(HttpServletRequest httpRequest, HttpServletResponse httpResponse)

    throws AuthenticatorException {

         try {

              String user= httpRequest.getParameter("username");



              } catch (Exception e) {



                   throw new AuthenticatorException("Provided username is not valid, " + ADICognitoAuthenticator.class.getSimpleName() + " failed to auto login!");




    Is it possible to login into Thingworx without giving password via custom Authenticator extension?