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    Hide a part by Model Item



    Please let me know if there is any chance to hide a part by Model Item in Thingworx Studio.

    If there are any other ways also is ok for me.





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        giri Communicator

        Yes, it is possible to hide the Model Item by setting its visible property to false.

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          vkrayushkin Newbie

          Select "ModelItem" Widget Icon on Widgets menu of 3D CANVAS (press and hold LMB, drag "MopdelItem" icon onto required part of the model and then release mouse button:


          You can see selected part of the model in 3D CANVAS :

          As you can see in the "Model Item Details" pan - you now focused on Component (here - /24) and from now you can operate with this Component of Model separately.

          For hide this part (i.e. "Component") you could prepare for example 2D Toggle button

          (only for example I select two different PNG-icons as shown below. I don't understand but I need select "Not Pressed" and unselect "Pressed" properties of this toggle-button, but under such conditions it works right otherwise we cannot see hide-unhide function)

          and  bind it with modelItem-1 on the "PROJECT - Views" pan.

          For hide you can use "Pressed" property of toggle-button for Hide


          (for do it select In the binding menu "ForcedHidden" or "Visible" properties, then press "BIND" ):



          And now you can see in the BINDINGS-pane on the gray bottom area new  binding between selected component "modelItem-1" and the toggle-button:


          Now you can use ToggleButton for hide/unhide the only component of the Model.

          (Toggle-Button is "Not Pressed":)

          (And now it is "Pressed" - our Component is hidden:)

          (Now press yet another time our Toggle-Buttoh - we can see our Component again:)

          = = = = =