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    List DropDown Selection


    I want to have an infotable property filled with strings placed into a dropdown list and assign each individual row in the list to a navigation button to connect to wen clicked.

    I want the button to be invisible only when that row in the list is selected.

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        liliu Creator

        Hi Rami,


        For your issue, I suggest to use List + Navigation + customized service.;


        1. Create a service to get the mashup name infotable.

        2. Add Dropdown List, Naviation and customized service we just created on step1.

        3. Dropdown List configuration

        4. Navigation widget configuration

        5. Bind step1 created service event SelectedRowsChanged to Navigaqtion


        Should you have any furhter concern, please feel free to let me know.


        Best Regards,


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          zyuan Apprentice

          Hi Rami,


          The Navigation button cannot be put inside the dropdown list, but it could be put by the side of it.

          1. Create a Table, with Datashape including a String type and a MashupName type, fill them with values
          2. Create a Mashup with List widget, select to Dropdown List, bind the data
          3. Put down a Navigation widget, bind the data
          4. Configure the Navigation widget's settings

               5. And then it could work.


          When the mashup is loaded, it's invisible and no selection is made in the List

          Upon Selection, the Navigation widget will appear