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    dbologna Apprentice

    How to export data from Analytics server to thingworx

    Hi All,

    I completed the creation of dataset ad model into Analytics server 7.4.

    We  need to export the date from analytics to store it into Thingworx 7.4.

    How can export the datasett , datamodel, signal from Analytics ?

    Many Thanks



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        jgreiner Apprentice

        Hi Dimitri,


        The analytics server, if installed correctly, will have a database that will store all the related files, models etc. persistently.  These can be accessed in ThingWorx through the use of ThingWorx Analytics Extensions and Analytics builder or a custom built mashup.


        Here are some questions I have to help me better understand the issue that is going on.


        1. Is there a business requirement that does not allow you to use the extensions to communicate between ThingWorx and ThhingWorx Analytics Server?
        2. Can you go over how your system is set up?


        Here is a link in the Help Center on how to Export the Signal Results in CSV format, let me know if this is helpful.


        Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


        Warm Regards,



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            wposner-2 Creator

            I think the question is more about how to access the specific information that was previously uploaded during the model creation process.  For example, maybe there is a column that contains a bunch of temperature values and you want to be able to quickly calculate the average of all the temperatures. 

            As far as I'm aware, there is not an easy way to do this.  Granted, you could have done this PRIOR to uploading the data to the Analytics engine and kept a datatable full of your statistical calculations that always get updated prior to new data being sent to Analytics. 


            I've had the same question in the past, but have not received a good answer about how to get access to the raw data AFTER it has been uploaded.